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As a reminder, in order to start fresh with a new system in 2018, ALL of your points must be used up by the end of the 2017 season (points you rolled over from the previous season and any points you earn this season).

Additional details about the anticipated changes to the points system will be available prior to season ticket renewals. If you have any questions before this time, please reach out to our Season Ticket Service team at (216) 420-HITS.

Rewards Calculator

Learn how much you stand to gain!

Use the calculator below to generate a projection of the rewards points you will receive through qualifying purchases.

*Please note that projections are not exact as ticket plan pricing can vary. Ticket plans that are purchased in-season should expect actual total points to be lower than projected points as projections are not pro-rated (i.e. projection for a full season plan type reflects investment for 81 game plan).


Base Point Calculation


Bonus Point Calculation

(70 points per paperless ticket; 50 points per standard ticket)

Total Point Calculation

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