Season Ticket Holders who renewed by the 1st renewal deadline last season received the ability to roll over 100% of unused 2013 points. Season Ticket Holders who renewed by the 2nd renewal deadline last season received the ability to roll over 20% of unused 2013 points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can point values for Tribe Rewards items change?
Yes, all the point values for all Tribe Rewards items are subject to change and will tend to increase over time. You are encouraged to start using your points right away in order to receive the best value.
Can I cancel or change a Tribe Rewards order?
All Tribe Rewards transactions are final. If there is an emergency, contact your Client Services Specialist immediately by calling 216-420-HITS or email us at


What are auctions and how can I participate?
Tribe Rewards members can use their points to bid on rewards in an auction. To find current autions, simply click the "Redeem Points" tab at the top of your screen, then click the auctions icon.

You will receive an email notification at the end of the auction, letting you know if you had the winning bid or if you were outbid. You will not lose points if you have been outbid. Tribe Rewards points will only be deducted from your point total if you win the auction item.

Earning Points

How do I earn Tribe Rewards points?
As a Season Ticket Holder, you're already earning points. We've set up an account for you and are holding Tribe Rewards points in your name.

Base and tenure points will represent the majority of your Tribe Rewards points. When you have completed one year of Season Ticket tenure, you will also begin to earn tenure bonus points. You may earn additional bonus points through gameday attendance, entering away game TV and radio codes, buying Indians merchandise, and more.

You can see a breakdown of your base and bonus points on the "My Scorecard" page.
How do I earn bonus points?
In 2017, bonus points will be awarded for attending games (tickets in your season ticket package), buying additional single game tickets, entering Road Game Bonus Codes, connecting with the Tribe on social media, and by making merchandise purchases at the Team Shop in Progressive Field.

How do I receive points for single game purchases?
In order to receive points for single game purchases, you MUST purchase tickets online or over the phone using your Tickets account and email address that you also use for your Tribe Rewards account.

Ticket purchases made using a different My Tickets account will not receive Tribe Rewards points.

Getting Started

How do I log in to see my points?
Log in to your Tribe Rewards account using your linked account. For step-by-step instructions on how to link your account to your My Indians Tickets account, please click here.
Can I share my Tribe Rewards points with others?
Yes. As the primary Season Ticket Holder, you can designate share partners and allocate points to your partners. If you share season tickets with others, all partners may join the Tribe Rewards program. 

Please note - in order to log in to Tribe Rewards, partners must link their account to their My Indians Tickets account. Step-by-step instructions for linking accounts can be found here.
Will I receive emails on new rewards?
Yes, Tribe Rewards members will receive information on new rewards via email.


Do I get to choose my exact suite?
You will be able to choose your suite location (dugout, home plate, or infield). After redeeming or winning a suite you will be assigned the best available suite within that location.
Is food and beverage included with the suite?
No, you will be contacted by a Hosted Events representative to discuss the available food and beverage options for your suite experience. You will not be able to bring your own food into the suite.
Can I get a points loan in order to redeem a suite?
Points loans are not permitted. You will earn Tribe Rewards points for payments 1 - 2 days after the payment is received.

Please note: Season Ticket Holders with 20 or more years of tenure will earn all of their base and tenure points up front, regardless of when payments are made towards their season tickets.
Can I sell my tickets for a suite that I redeemed through Tribe Rewards?
Suites redeemed through Tribe Rewards are intended for use by Season Ticket Holders and their guests only. Suites issued through Tribe Rewards are not eligible for re-sale. If the Cleveland Indians find evidence of re-sale, the suite will be revoked and the Season Ticket Holder responsible and any share partners associated with their account will lose the ability to redeem Tribe Rewards points for future suites.

Team Shop Discount

Do Season Ticket Holders receive a discount at team shops?
This season all Season Ticket Holders are eligible to receive a 20% discount at in-park and out of park team shop locations. Season Ticket Holders must mention their account ID or present their ticket/seat locator to Team Shop employees in order to receive the discount. Ticket Partners of Season Ticket Holders are also eligible for the discount by mentioning their primary Season Ticket Holder’s account ID or presenting their ticket/seat locator.

Coupons will not be distributed to Season Ticket Holders this season.

Ticket Exchange

What game dates are points-free in 2017?

What games can I exchange into?
80 home games (all home games except Opening Day) are eligible to be exchanged into for a per ticket exchange point fee.

Please note: Only 1000 total ticket exchanges will be allowed for each game. Look for a green, yellow, or red indication on each game to gauge how many tickets are remaining for exchange. For example, a yellow indicator means a particular game is close to reaching the maximum number of allowable exchange tickets. Exchange tickets can run out, so you are encouraged to submit your exchanges early.
Will I be able to exchange tickets that I received through the ticket exchange process?
Only tickets which are originally part of a season ticket plan are eligible for exchange. Therefore, tickets received through the ticket exchange process are not eligible to be re-exchanged.
What tickets are eligible to be exchanged?
You can exchange any of your unused season tickets to past games or tickets to future games that you cannot use.
Do ticket exchanges require Tribe Rewards points?
In 2017, all accounts will be offered at least 20 games as point-free exchange dates. Additional point-free exchange dates will be offered based on the Season Ticket Holder’s Tribe Rewards Tier.

  • Bronze = 20 point-free exchange dates
  • Silver = 30 point-free exchange dates
  • Gold = 40 point-free exchange dates
  • Platinum = 50 point-free exchange dates

The remaining games will require a per ticket point value to complete an exchange. Please note that only 1,000 ticket exchanges will be offered for each exchange date. Complete your exchanges as soon as possible to ensure that you can attend your desired games. All per ticket point values are subject to change, with point values generally increasing over time.

Will I receive attendance bonus points for exchanged tickets?
No, exchanged tickets are not eligible to receive the attendance bonus.
Can I exchange tickets the day of the game or in-person at the box office?
All ticket exchanges must be made through Tribe Rewards. No same-day or in-person exchanges will be processed.

Ticket exchanges must be made two (2) business days prior to the game.

Date of Game                   Ticket Exchange Deadline
Monday                 Thursday @ 11:59PM EST
Tuesday Friday @ 11:59PM EST
Wednesday Monday @ 11:59PM EST
Thursday Tuesday @ 11:59PM EST
Friday Wednesday @ 11:59PM EST
Saturday Thursday @ 11:59PM EST
Sunday Thursday @ 11:59PM EST

When I exchange for tickets, can I select the section, row, and seat numbers for my tickets?
You will be given the best available tickets in the same seating section as the tickets you traded in. For example, if you trade in unused tickets from a Lower Box section, you will receive the best available tickets in the Lower Box for your selected game.

If no tickets are available within your seating section for a particular exchange date, you will receive seats in the next-best section that does have available inventory. Please see below for a chart of seating locations and the "next best" location:

1. Diamond Box: Next best Field Box 
2.Field Box Middle: Field Box Back
3. Field Box Back: Lower Box 
4. Lower Reserve Bullpen: Lower Reserve
5. Lower Box: Lower Reserve
6. Bleachers: Family Deck
7. Lower Reserve: Family Deck
8. View Box: Upper Box
9. Upper Box: Upper Reserve
When I exchange tickets with loaded value, will the loaded value be added to the new tickets?
Loaded value is non-transferrable and only offered on tickets which are originally part of a season ticket plan. Therefore, if you choose to exchange tickets you will lose any loaded value that the ticket held.
Can I re-sell my exchanged tickets?
No. Re-selling exchanged tickets through StubHub or another third party provider is prohibited. If the Cleveland Indians find evidence of re-sale, the Season Ticket Holder responsible will lose the ability to complete ticket exchanges in the future.

Ticket Partners

How do I add a Ticket Partner?
To register a Ticket Partner, follow these easy steps:
  • Log into
  • Select "Ticket Partner" under "Home" in the top menu bar
  • Click "Add Ticket Partner"
  • Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the desired Ticket Partner
  • Click "Submit"

Please note: to log in to Tribe Rewards, partners of Season Ticket Holders must also link their account to their My Indians Tickets account. Step-by-step instructions for linking accounts can be found here.

How do Ticket Partners log into Tribe Rewards?
Once a Ticket Partner has been registered through the Tribe Rewards website they will receive an automated confirmation email. To log in to Tribe Rewards, the ticket partner must link their account with their My Indians Tickets account. Step-by-step instructions for linking accounts can be found here.

Using Points

Will you add more rewards?
Yes, more rewards and promotions will be added throughout the season. Experience auctions will go live on Monday 2-3 weeks in advance of the experience date. Be sure to check regularly to see the latest program rewards and information.
Can I use my points for a Terrace Club membership?
You no longer have to use any Tribe Rewards points for entrance to the Terrace Club, as it is now available to the public. Season Ticket Holders should call the reservation line at 216-420-4700 to make reservations, or reserve the table online by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:
Where can I pick up my order?

In 2017, all item orders placed through the Tribe Rewards website will be shipped via FedEx to your preferred address.

Can I redeem my Tribe Rewards points for cash?
No, points can only be used on items available in Tribe Rewards. You can donate your points to Cleveland Indians Charities, and receive a summary of your donation at the end of the season that can be used for tax purposes.
I selected the wrong game date for my reward, can I change it?
We encourage you to review your transactions prior to checking out as all transactions are final. If there is an emergency, contact your Client Services Specialist immediately by calling 216-420-HITS or email us at

Program Overview

STH Guide


For a comprehensive overview of the unique features and great benefits of the 2017 Tribe Rewards, download the PDF HERE.